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How Equity University Helps You Make Tax-Free Profits

Equity University is the ultimate resource for wealth building and self-directed IRA investing education. Based on Equity Trust’s experience as the leader in self-directed IRAs, Equity University provides the tools and resources you need to create the wealth you want.

  • Visit the Equity University Library for valuable free resources on various investment strategies and self-directed plans. Select from a variety of formats such as video, audio, quick start guides and whitepapers to begin your education.
  • The Equity University Bookstore allows you to purchase innovative wealth-building education including reports, books, CDs and DVDs.
  • Discover first-hand how to create tax-free profits during in-person and online education events in the Equity University Events section. Plus, you'll learn more at our annual premier event, the Equity University Networking Conference.
  • Finally, stay up-to-date with current investing news on the Equity University Blog.

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